2] Kruikemeier, Sanne, FMG, Foto.GillissenOgmail.com, IMG_5241

Email: sanne.kruikemeier@wur.nl
Phone: +31 317 48 67 29 (this number is forwarded to my mobile phone)


I am currently a Professor in Digital Media and Society at the Strategic Communication Group of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). My research focuses on the consequences and implications of online communication for individuals and society. I recently published work on data-driven political targeting, privacy behavior, online political communication, news consumption, and digital journalism. I lead large-scale international projects on data-driven campaigning (supported by an ERC starting grant and an international consortium supported by a NORFACE grant). I participate in several editorial boards, such as Human Communication Research, International Journal of Press/Politics, Digital Journalism and Media and Communication (an international open access journal), Tijdschrift voor Communicatie wetenschap and Journal of Communication (until 2022). I am also a member of the Sociaal-Wetenschappelijke Raad (SWR) of the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), special issue editor of Digital Journalism, Journalism Studies, and Media and Communication, board member of the Society of Advertising and co-chair of the political communication division of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association. My work received several (inter)national prizes, such as KNAW Young Scholar Award, the ICA Herbert S. Dordick Dissertation Award, and the NeFCA Young scholar award.

On this website, you can find my CV, my publications, and short descriptions of the projects I’m involved in as PI.

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