Within this research line, together with others, I examine how the Internet influences citizens’ involvement in politics, by using different research methods – longitudinal survey research, content analyses and experimental studies.

  • Online and traditional news consumption, and the effect on political engagement
    Together with several international colleagues, I examine the consequences of online news consumption on political engagement (such as knowledge, participation and interest), using both longitudinal survey data and experiments (with eye-tracking).
  • Digital Diplomacy
    With colleagues of the University of Amsterdam, I examine how embassies can use social media for diplomatic purposes.
  • Politicians and parties online communication strategies and effects
    I continue the work of my dissertation with colleagues from the University of Amsterdam. Within this line of research I thus focus on the use and effects of politicians’ online communication strategies.

I am part of a joint, multidisciplinary initiative between the Institute for Information Law (IViR) and the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam (see for more information: link). Within this project I focus on topics which connect commercial and political research, such as citizens’ self-protection agains online targeting, political microtargeting and the implications of online behavioural advertising.

Together with international and national scholars, I examine the implications of journalists’ online sourcing behaviour. Using experimental, observational, and survey designs, we try to examine how journalist use and verify online sources. Additionally, we examine how audience perceive the use of online sources.


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